Micro Residents 2014-15

This year’s Micro Residency Artists are Nicole Bachmann & Ruth Beale, Jean-Phillipe Dordolo, Emma Ewan and Kadie Salmon.

Nicole Bachmann & Ruth Beale

Nicole Bachmann is a Swiss artist based in London. In her work she uses printed texts and spoken words to capture a moment of thought and its realisation in language, while exploring the differences and commonalities in shape and meaning for spoken, written or sculptural form. In addition to performances and installations for Performance as Publishing, Bachamnn’s recent shows include, ‘Disappearing into One’ at the Zabludowicz Collection and ‘Landmark Seizures’ at Aid & Abet, Cambridge. She has been selected for the 2014 Swiss Art Award exhibition.

Ruth Beale is an artist based in London. She employs collaborative and discursive processes means to explore the relationships between culture, governance, social discourse and representation. Recent exhibitions include ‘Bookbed’ at Peckham Platform, London, ‘Lindgren & Langlois: The Archive Paradox’ at Grand Union, Birmingham, ‘On the desperate and long-neglected need for small events’ at LGP, Coventry and ‘Now I Gotta Reason’ at Jerwood Space, London.


Their collaborative practice is Performance as Publishing


Jean-Phillipe Dordolo

Jean-Philippe Dordolo (b.1981, FR) graduated in 2011 from Byam Shaw School of Art, London (UK). He also holds a Diploma in Contemporary Music Practice from Music Academy international, Nancy (FR).

Exhibitions include Come Closer at Art First, London (2014); Universal Fragments: Conversations with Trevor Shearer at Large Glass, London (2013); We Are All Alternative Structures at TAP, Southend (2013); Project Number 7 at P/N, London (2012); Curator’s Egg Altera Pars at Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London (2012). Dordolo is Art co-editor for the quarterly magazine AMBIT (www.ambitmagazine.co.uk) since October 2013.



Emma Ewan

Emma graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2012 and continues to live and work in Glasgow.

In 2013 she participated in residencies at Hospitalfield Arts, Arbroath and Unit 7 Studios, Glasgow. Previous exhibitions include Modular Manner for Glasgow Open House Art Festival (2014), Saccharine Sunday at Seventeen, Aberdeen (2013) and Pollok House: New Perspectives, Glasgow (2012). Forthcoming projects include Surfacing, curated by Hand in Glove for Bristol Art Weekender (May 2014) and a group show in Tank at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop in June 2014. Her work explores the diverse way that art and architecture employ varying strategies to entice or captivate. A sense of theatricality and seduction are important elements; pieces intend to deceive or lure through their use of materials and are frequently pretending to be something else. There is an ongoing interest in performing sculpture; the sculptural object as set, prop, relic or narrative indicator, as well as their relationship to the stage.



Kadie Salmon

Kadie Salmon (b.1986 Scotland) is a visual artist based in London, UK. She graduated with an MFA from Edinburgh College of Art in 2009. Her practice utilises a variety of media, but she often uses photography at some stage in the creation of her work; drawing on notions of romance and eroticism, both historical and contemporary. Kadie has exhibited across the UK and internationally, with her most recent exhibition ‘Don’t Know How to Tell’, a solo show at New Art Projects in London earlier this year (2014). Kadie is a co-founder of artist collective Captain Lightfoot who organise exhibitions and work with artists internationally to explore narrative in visual art.