New Scotland’s Workshops Make & Learn Videos

Scotland’s Workshops, the network we are part of alongside ten other sculpture, glass, photography and printmaking production facilities across the country, is launching a new library of Watch & Learn videos.

Each video shows an introduction to a key skill used within one of our material processes. The ESW video shows team member Stephen Murray demonstrating how to clean up a hot metal cast. The others give insight into glass blowing at Northlands Creative and CNC cutting at Glasgow Sculpture Studios; photogravure at Highland Print Studio and a tour of the facilities at Stills in Edinburgh and many more examples.

Anyone can use the workshops at ESW and if you would like to see what’s on offer please visit our Workspaces pages. We have Metal, Wood, Casting, Ceramic and Plaster Workshops as well as some other spaces designed for particular processes or types of work. Our highly skilled technical team can help you plan a project in advance, to make contact please email our office with information about what you want to work on. If you join as a Member you receive a 50% discount on any session fees.

Before coming in to work you need to have a Building Induction and the Metal and Wood Workshops require a further Induction to be booked.

We also run a courses programme for adults and drop in workshops for families at different times of the year. Sign up to our mailing list for more info.