New Skills for the New Year

Coming up  in the new year we have more courses to get you thinking, making and learning new skills and processes.

From introductory, one day, tasters in different artistic processes to longer evening courses or whole weekends that give you time to experiment with materials, ideas, and the possibilities of sculpture.

For the full programme or to find out more call us on 0131 551 4490 or book online.
10% discount for students and concessions.

Our courses are suitable for everyone, beginners through to experienced artists and they make the perfect gift for someone you care about.


Upcoming  Spring/ Summer  Courses


Clay Portraiture with Duncan Robertson 
Tuesdays 4 Febrauary-24 March
6.30pm-9pm £235 (£212)
Learn to sculpt a clay head from life, develop observational skills and modelling techniques.

Relief Plaster Carving with Kate Ive 
Wednesdays 19 February-25 March
6.30pm-9pm £195 (£176)
Learn the process for making your own relief plaster carving to produce a carved plaster disc.

Silicone Mould Making with Giulia Gentili 
Tuesdays 25 February-31 March
6.30pm-9pm £195 (£176)
Learn to produce a two-part silicone mould for a detailed cast of a small object.

Drawing with Rope with Lucy Wayman  
Wednesdays 26 February-11 March
6.30pm-9pm £140 (£126)
Learn to knot and manipulate a variety of cords and ropes to create a free standing and hanging sculpture.


Concrete Casting with Giulia Gentili 
Saturday 15 February
10am-4pm £80 (£72)
Learn to cast a sculptural object in concrete which can be used as a bookend or paper weight.

Introduction to Metalwork with Joe Etchell 
Saturday 22 February
10am-1pm or 1.30pm-4.30pm £90 (£81)
An introduction to the techniques needed to make a sculptural object in steel using basic cutting, welding and drilling.

Handbuilding with Clay with Adam Gandy 
Saturday 28 March
10am-4pm £80 (£72)
This taster introduces hand-building techniques for pinch pots, slab-building, and coil-building as a basis for a unique vessel or sculpture.

Macramé with Lucy Wayman 
Saturday 28 March
10am-4pm £80 (£72)
This taster introduces you to a range of knots used in macramé to make your own plant hanger.

First Impressions with Fiona Maher 
Saturday 16 May
10am-4pm £80 (£72)
This taster introduces you to the three dimensional properties of blind relief printmaking to create prints with form and texture.


Jesmo-days, Mould making with Jesmonite with Jack Cheetham
Saturday 22 & 29 February
10am-4pm £200 (£180)
A two-day introduction to mouldmaking and casting with Jesmonite an acrylic resin.

Glass Pâte de Verre with Karen Akester 
Saturday, 14 & 21 March, 10am-2pm
Saturday 4 April, 10am-12pm
£180 (£162)
This course introduces Pâte de Verre; a fascinating, ancient glass-making process whereby crushed glass is used to create colourful glassware

Cut and Play with Wood with Sam Stead
Saturday & Sunday 21 & 22 March
10am-4pm £235 (£212)
An introduction to cutting simple shapes in different woods using a variety of saws, to create sculptural forms.

Vessels & Glazing with Adam Gandy 
Saturdays, 18 April & 9 May
10am-4pm £160 (£144)
Hand-build vessels, make large sculptural forms and learn glazing techniques on this ceramics course.

Clay Figure Weekend with Duncan Robertson 
Saturday & Sunday 9 & 10 May
10am-4pm £210 (£189)
Working with a life model, this weekend course introduces clay modelling techniques and develops observational skills to produce a small figure using air drying clay.

Bronze Casting with Kate Ive
Saturday & Sunday, 6 & 7 June 10am-4pm
Saturday 20 June 10am-4pm
Sunday 21 June 10am-1pm
£395 (£356)
Over two weekends you will be guided through the complexities of the ceramic shell process in order to cast a small handheld sculptural object in bronze.


SatARTday: Fashion Sculpture with Juliet Moleta 
Saturdays, 18 January-8 February
2pm-4pm, £40
Ages 11-14

Cut it, Stick it, Sew it, Sculpt it
Create a fashion sculpture by exploring how to transform materials from 2D to 3D.

SatARTday with Ashleen Lewis 
Saturdays, 22 February-14 March
2pm-4pm, £40
Ages 5-11 with additional support needs

Introducing a new inclusive SatARTday course for young people with additional support needs and their families!